World War Z

World War Z was a movie riddled with problems, delays and, for a minute there, the slight possibility that it would make nearly nothing in the box office. The film miraculously made back it’s money and is leaning towards a sequel, but that’s where the latest problem comes in. If Marc Forster isn’t going to return to the director’s chair, who would take the job? And why wouldn’t he come back?

If you’re aware of the drama that this film faced, then you’ve probably heard some of the rumors floating around that Marc Forster and lead actor Brad Pitt‘s interactions with each other on set were not the friendliest of sorts. Then again that’s all nothing but rumors which is fueling some people’s reasons as to why Forster isn’t coming back to direct the sequel. It is still rather early in the production so there’s plenty of time for them to find the right director for the job.

But was there any actual tension on set? Writer Damon Lindelof would disagree from what he’s seen and heard:

The idea they were not speaking was not my experience. And more importantly, the way Brad talked about Marc and Marc talked about Brad was entirely respectable, as if they were both creative partners trying to fix a problem.

Now the question is whether or not it’s the best idea to move forward with a sequel. The first movie had so many hurdles to overcome, so is it worth doing that a second time?

Do you want to see a sequel to World War Z?

Source: Bleeding Cool