A few years ago we were blessed or cursed, depending on your own opinion, with a Friday the 13th remake. It was a little cheesy and forgettable overall, which makes the idea of yet another remake not too crazy to hear. After months of whispers and rumors, it appears as if the producers are ready to move forward with the production but with an added twist.

The upcoming Friday the 13th remake could be shot found footage style, from what the latest rumors are saying. This may not be the kind of news that fans of the ongoing franchise want to hear, but it is the style of movies nowadays. Maybe they believe that they can rake in more money that way by presenting Jason in the latest horror shooting trend that all the kids are crazy about. Actually, are there still people who love the found footage format? Sure, the Paranormal Activity series beat it to the ground, and there are folks who have actively complained about it, but the box office results so far have been fantastic.

At the same time maybe the found footage format is just what we need in order to revitalize the Friday the 13th franchise. In the last remake I was under the strong impression that the killer Jason was protecting crops of weed more than anything else. Maybe we can make him a little more terrifying a third time around.

Do you want to see another Friday the 13th remake? Why or why not?

Source: Cinema Blend