Peter Dinklage has risen up in recent years and is easily one of the coolest actors out there, picking one intriguing role after the other. We’ve been heavily exposed to him these past couple of years with his awesome acting in Game of ThronesThankfully TV isn’t the only place where we’ll be seeing the actor in the next couple of years, since he’s part of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

So what should we expect out of Dinklage’s performance as the evil Bolivar Trask? Folks like myself would consider the man evil because of his contribution to the anti-mutant movement. This is the guy who initially created the sentinel program that eventually starts wiping out mutant kind in the alternate future of the X-Men. But when you’re playing a character of this sort, you need to get a better understanding of why he thinks this is just, and Dinklage has certainly tapped into Trask’s mind. Here’s a snipper of what he said in an interview with EW below:

“I didn’t want to play the villain. He’s a man of science. He’s a man of invention. He actually sees what he’s doing as a good thing — [his ambition is] definitely blind and he’s quite arrogant. He’s strove all his life for a certain respect and attention.”

It’s also been said that Trask will end up butting heads with some political heads of that time period like Richard Nixon. Curious to see how Trask’s role will play out in the movie version of this iconic story line.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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