Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Though there were a number of new releases, only Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 had a chance to make big numbers. And it did. While the other new films (Baggage Claim, Don Jon, Rush) did just okay in what normally is a sleepy weekend/month.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 $35,000,000 $8,748 $35,000,000
2 Prisoners $11,270,000 (-45.9) $3,426 $38,954,000
3 Rush $10,314,000 (+5407.0) $4,490 $10,574,000
4 Baggage Claim $9,300,000 $4,588 $9,300,000
5 Don Jon $9,000,000
$3,716 $9,000,000
6 Insidious Chapter 2 $6,747,000 (-51.1) $2,163 $69,544,000
7 The Family $3,700,000 (-47.1) $1,279 $31,696,000
8 Instructions Not Included $3,380,000 (-37.4) $3,565 $38,567,000
9 We’re the Millers $2,865,000 (-37.1) $1,172 $142,418,000
10 Lee Daniels’ The Butler $2,417,000 (+42.4) $1,172 $110,281,000

Opening to $35 Million, Cloudy 2 opened five million higher than the first film, which is good, though it didn’t do as well as last year’s Hotel Transylvania — though that had Adam Sandler. It’s a win, but Sony was hoping/predicting that the film would do closer to $40 Million, which may be why this doesn’t feel like an over the top success. It should play for a while, but it seems more likely to get to $150 Million than $200 Million now.

Prisoners came in second, and that’s an okay hold, but with Warner Brothers releasing Gravity next week, it will have to settle for being forgotten and/or a cable favorite. There’s no Oscar buzz on the film, and the reactions seem to be that it’s either really good adult cinema, or something that goes off the rails in the third act. It might find more love on home video, but it’s going to top out around $70 Million at best. But that’s much better than Rush, which expanded but didn’t seem to grab the public’s interest, and with no real Oscar noise, it will be lucky to do $40 Million domestic. Perhaps it will be loved internationally.

Baggage Claim and Don Jon are in the same spot, so it’s funny that they grossed around the same amount. Both are reasonably budgeted films (Claim cost $8.5 Million, Jon $5 Million), but the question is how much their studios spent on advertising. In both’s cases, it’s likely that $10-$20 Million was spent on a national push, which means that they could lose money even though they’ll make more than twice their budget. And both have limited international prospects, which is why studios are less interested in making movies of this size and scope. Both could end up in the $30 Million range for their final total, which might make them modestly profitable.

So it’s understandable why studios might try to follow the Insidious lead of a budget that’s less than five million, and something that can open big if the audience is there. Though Chapter 2 won’t make it to $100 Million, getting over $80 Million is none too shabby (but that film was in profit by the end of opening weekend). It’s also worth noting that We’re the Millers is so successful at this point that there will probably be some sequel talk in the near future.

Reality Check: I was expecting things to pop more than they did. I went ten million over on Cloudy, and three million over on Don Jon. I also thought Prisoners might hold a little better because i got the impression the word of mouth was better. Oh well.

What did you watch this weekend?