Between Two Ferns


Justin Bieber has taken some crap lately for a number of very public faux passes (like the Anne Frank thing) so it seems that Zach Galifianakis and the Funny or Die crew want to show the young artist does have a sense of humor about himself by having him on Between Two Ferns.

The latest episode is zing after zing directed at Bieber, who gets to show that he can take being roasted and (in a couple of moments) that he can deliver a laugh line effectively. Here, he comes off much better than he did during his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, where his performance was as awkward and stilted as when SNL brings on professional athletes. This is much better:

On one hand this is is a funny thing, but it’s worth noting that for someone like Justin Bieber this was also a strategic decision. The performer has seen his image take a beating  because he’s a teenager whose dumbest moments are made gossip fodder, and showing that he can take Galifianakis throwing some incredibly cutting barbs at him makes him look better. Even if this came about organically, there’s something of an agenda behind it, and that agenda is “I get it.” That doesn’t mean Bieber will use this as his platform to get in the next superhero movie, nor does it mean that Bieber is now cool. But if he does more things like this, it’s possible that his career will extend past his audience’s attention span. Justin Timberlake got his start as a Mouseketeer, so anything’s possible.

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