need for speed aaron paul

Imagine you’re Aaron Paul.  For six years, you’ve starred on Breaking Bad, a series that went from quirky critical darling to a program almost universally hailed as one of the finest TV shows ever made.  You develop the acting chops to stand toe-to-toe with a master like Bryan Cranston, and seasoned, nuanced professionals like Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathan Banks.  You win awards, and turn in some of finest acting in modern television.  And then you decide to star in a movie based on the goddamned Need for Speed video game franchise.

Maybe it’s just a sub-par trailer, but man oh man does Need for Speed look bad.  And not just fun-bad, like the enjoyable stupid Fast and Furious sequels, but just, well, bad-bad.

The film finds Paul playing Tobey, a mechanic and racer who—because if you’re starring in a mid-range thriller, this has to happen—gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit.  Of course.  So then he goes to prison and, upon his release, is dead-set on getting revenge.  Of course.  And because he’s skilled in making the vroom-vrooms go super-fast (Yeah, high five!  Awesome, brah!), that revenge will be interspersed with lots of scenes of CGI cars doing all sorts of things that make that guy who smells like Axe Body Spray in the theater seat next you make all sorts of grunting noises in approval.  Check out the trailer:

Need for Speed was directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) and is set for March 14th release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source:  /Film