gotham james gordon

Since DC has been expanding into the realm of the TV universe (Arrow is doing well on CW, and the network is set to launch a Flash TV series), it makes sense that they’d eventually get around to making a television show to explore one of the most varied and colorful aspects of the DC universe—Gotham City.

Well, that’s finally happening, minus one crucial element, the new TV series Gotham will not feature Batman, and may even take place in a pre-Batman timeline.  Rather, the series protagonist will be James Gordon (whether or not he will be Commissioner Gordon by the beginning of the series unknown).  DC has sealed a deal with Fox, who has ordered episodes for the series, which will “also look at the villains who made Gotham City famous.”

The Mentalist creator Bruno Hellar will serve as executive producer and pen the pilot; no word yet on when the series will launch (we’d guess fall 2014).

While anything Batman-related will likely have fan interest, it will be interesting to see if audiences tune in to a show that’s rooted in the Batman universe, but features absolutely no Batman.  Also, it remains unknown if Gotham will take place in the Batman Vs. Superman/ Ben Affleck continuity.

What do you think of the Gotham news?

Source: /Film