While there’s little to no news on the Star Wars Episode 7 front, there’s plenty of development happening in the CG-animated TV series Star Wars Rebels. The Lucasfilm Animation show is locked in for a fall 2014 release, which means the voice cast must be assembled soon. Within the past 24 hours, it appears as if Star Wars Rebels is being pieced together far faster than it’s movie counterpart.

The group of people being offered roles in the voice cast includes Freddie Prinze Jr., David Oyelowo, Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall and Steven Jay Blum. Each of these actors, minus Oyelowo, have previous experience doing fine voice acting work in shows and video games, which makes each one of them ideal candidates. But what roles are each of them going for? We don’t know too much about the story at the moment, other than it takes place in between the two Star Wars trilogies. There’s plenty of room for new stories to emerge around the world of Tatooine, especially if they give us a better glimpse of a young Luke Skywalker.

Now it’s time to think about what kind of characters we’ll be seeing in this new animated series. It’s very easy to throw us into the world of a teenage Luke Skywalker, which would definitely reel in some fans. Freddie Prinze Jr. has a fairly young-sounding voice, so he could be a possibility. Either way we won’t know what kind of characters each one of these voice actors are going for until we get closer to the release.

What do you hope to see in Star Wars Rebels?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter