New Girl Nerds Episode 2 Season 3 – TV Review

After last week’s season opener of New Girl set the stage for Nick and Jess to zigzag their way this season through the often calm, other times choppy waters of a new relationship, “Nerds” puts the romance story on the shelf momentarily to make room for Winston’s and Schmidt’s latest issues to deal with.

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The Players:

  • Director: Fred Goss
  • Writers: Kay Cannon
  • Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, Merritt Weaver

Episode Title: “Nerds”

When Jess desperately tries to fit in with a clique of “mean girl” teachers at her new school, she (mistakenly) turns to Nick for advice on how to deal with them. Meanwhile, an office party is anything but fun for Schmidt, and Winston plots revenge while cat-sitting for Daisy, whom he suspects is cheating on him.

The Good:

  • Jess, Drunk: Very funny sequence in the bar, especially the ‘sometimes firemen are women’ line. She also stood in a toilet singing an old Four Non Blondes song (you know the one).
  • Mad Man: Enjoyed the line from Schmidt about his new – and small – office: “A perfect 2/3′rds replica of Don Draper’s office from ‘Mad Men.’
  • Elevator: Nick and Schmidt in the elevator. No one pushes the button!
  • The Miller Sack Pack: The hacky sack, the hair, the girl — the flashback to young Nick was quick, but oh-so powerful.
  • Winston: Had to feel bad for Winston when he hears the shower suddenly turn off and finds a shoe – a big shoe – in Daisy’s apartment.
  • Party: Schmidt’s office party juggle wasn’t A+, but watching him walk a tightrope of desperation in hoping the two women he ‘loves’ don’t catch on to his game was funny.
  • Speaking of Funny: The guys singing “I Believe I Can Fly” was great, as was Schmidt condensing words to save time: ‘Sig Ot’ for ‘significant other.’ Good stuff.
  • Angela: No more Office, but Angela Kinsey showing up as one of the cool teachers at Jess’ school was nice to see.
  • Winston: Asking the cat if he smokes is funny. Saying how cute it would be if he actually did was even better.
  • The Quote: Schmidt: “Consider this door closed!” and “I wouldn’t even begin to know how to steal a swag.”

The Bad:

  • Winston: One of the three story-lines had to be the 3rd place finisher, and sadly it was Winston and the cat and his lying floozy of an almost exclusive girlfriend. It wasn’t so bad, but the sequence of him trying to kill the cat just wasn’t funny.


The Nick/Jess relationship hovered over the episode, but it felt natural as a component of Jess’ plot with the cool teachers at school. There were plenty of witty comments and solid one-liners circulating throughout an enjoyable episode – highlighted by Schmidt and his office party hi-jinks. One could argue Nick was the real winner of “Nerds”, playing the supportive, sweet boyfriend to Jess in her bid to be ‘cool.’ “You’re Nick Miller’s girl, now”, he tells her, one of the funnier comments from the episode. They also called each other ‘sex partner’, which was great.


Rating: 8/10

New Girl airs on Fox at 9pm (ET/PT) on Tuesday nights.

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