Dark Knight Rises

There’s a new Batman box set and some great horror titles this week, along with the biggest film of the summer, and a whole heaping handful of television. It’s a good week for releases, and especially for John Carpenter fans.


  • Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series, Hannibal: Season One, Hawaii Five-0: The Third Season, Modern Family: The Complete Fourth Season, South Park: The Sixteenth Season: Lot of cool television this week, with South Park having come off a great season, and here’s a chance for those who missed it to catch up with Hannibal, which turned out pretty well.
  • Iron Man 3: At this point we can safely say that Iron Man 3 won the summer. It had the highest box office, and was the most enjoyable of the popcorn films. The movie benefited tremendously from hiring Shane Black who directed and co-wrote the script, and delivered the best of the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow also do their best work in the franchise, or are at least as good as they were in the first film.
  • The Kings of Summer: This coming of age story got lost in the summer, but all word is that it’s a charming John Hughes-esque  story of three kids who decide to spend their summer living off the land.
  • Room 237: Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest of directors, and his works have inspired all sort of theories about what he really meant. Room 237 tries to encapsulate some of the strangest readings of Kubrick’s The Shining, though the film more spotlights how people create their own texts often, even if the material doesn’t support their thesis.
  • V/H/S/2: Supposedly much better than the first film (which had moments but was definitely uneven), stick around for the last two chapters, which really deliver.


  • 3 Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman: Roberto Rossellini’s relationship with Ingrid Bergman created a scandal that kept Bergman out of American films for years, but also created some great films (and Isabella Rossellini, so yeah). The set features three of the five films the two made together, and it’s definitely worth picking up.
  • The Big Combo, Shack Out on 101: Two great weird noirs, The Big Combo is famous for John Alton’s cinematography, and its featuring of barely coded homosexual gangsters, while the latter has a great early Lee Marvin performance.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition: Bat-fans will probably flock to this new release, which collects Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy with a new disc of supplemental material. Even though the final film is the weakest, and most people are likely to already own the other films, it’s still tempting.
  • Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition: The previous Blu-ray edition featured a less than stellar transfer, so finally the film will have the most optimal presentation in the format. Alas, not all the supplements are carried over from the previous releases, it seems, so some may want to hold on to their original for the Criterion laserdisc commentary (there’s a new one with John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, though, so there’s that)
  • Prince of Darkness: Collector’s Edition, Psycho II, Psycho III: Speaking of John Carpenter, one of his most underrated films hits Blu-ray this week, as do two of the most underrated horror sequels ever made. Psycho II is actually a good movie. Just, straight across the board, best possible sequel, and clever as all get out, while the third film is flawed by fascinating, and suggests that Anthony Perkins had some talent behind the camera.

What are you picking up this week?