There’s always a risk with putting together a fantasy movie, no matter how popular the source material may be. Just look at what happened with films like Dungeons and Dragons. But when you’re dealing with video game adaptations that’s an even bigger beast to tackle, but filmmaker Duncan Jones and company believe they have what it takes to make a cool movie out of Warcraft.

The latest murmurs about Warcraft that are going around town is that Paula Patton is being asked to star in the upcoming movie. To top it off, there’s been an offer for a role given out to Colin Farrell. Now both of these actors are really fantastic in their own ways, but what exactly would they be doing? The World of Warcraft is very big, so there could be a number of fantasy stories that can pop out of this film. The real question is what will the stick with and what kind of fun, mystical creatures will we be able to see once this movie gets rolling.

At the moment neither of the actors have been confirmed to join the cast of this production, but hopefully that will change soon. Duncan Jones has proven himself to be a fine director, tackling different forms of science fiction in his own films throughout the past few years with Moon and Source Code. Hopefully World of Warcraft fans are excited to have him on board, because he’s one hell of a good director.

Are you looking forward to the Warcraft movie?

Source: Cinema Blend