Breaking Bad

On the off chance that you happen to be one for the four people on planet Earth that does not have access to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, or DVD and blu-ray, AMC has got a sweet deal for you:  AMC has announced that they well be rerunning the entirety of Breaking Bad’s six season run (yes, it’s six seasons, even though AMC is calling the last two seasons “Season 5A and Season 5B”) in the lead-up to the finale on Sunday, September 29.

Dubbed “Countdown to Finale,” the entire season rerun will launch on September 25th at 8 PM, with episode one of season one.  The Countdown will then carry on until the final episode of the stellar fourth season, which will air on Friday night, September 27th.  AMC will then take a breather, and then begin running the final two seasons on Saturday, September 28th at 11 PM, which will carry viewers directly into the series finale on Sunday, September 29th, at 9 PM.

Again, it’s a sweet deal for those who don’t have Netflix (which is currently streaming seasons one through five), haven’t already downloaded the previous seasons, or don’t already own the series on DVD or blu-ray.

How do you think Breaking Bad will end?

Source:  /Film