The twisty, turny Prisoners won the weekend with a little more than twenty million, while Battle of the Year died a quick death. The latter was delayed by the studio and didn’t seem to get any love anywhere. And so… plop.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Prisoners $21,430,000 $6,574 $21,430,000
2 Insidious: Chapter 2 $14,500,000 (-64.0) $4,596 $60,855,000
3 The Family $7,000,000 (-50.1) $2,265 $25,641,000
4 Instructions Not Included $5,700,000 (+17.2) $5,828 $34,262,000
5 Battle of the Year $5,000,000
$2,490 $5,000,000
6 We’re the Millers $4,670,000 (-13.6) $1,555 $138,176,000
7 Lee Daniels’ The Butler $4,304,000 (-22.4) $1,468 $106,452,000
8 Riddick $3,672,000 (-46.3) $1,215 $37,180,000
9 The Wizard of Oz $3,022,000 $9,503 $3,022,000
10 Planes $2,861,000 (-8.0) $1,170 $86,543,000


With $20 Million in the bank, Prisoners needs to be a word of mouth hit to be profitable. The film reportedly cost $46 Million, but a film like it might not collapse , and it could make it to $100 Million domestic. If good word spreads then it could even level out next weekend. The film could also do well internationally because of the cast, so it’s in good, but not great shape.

But Battle of the Year tanked, tanked, tanked. Actuals may put it at less than five million, which is pretty measly in the scheme of things, and that’s with the 3D bump. Kids just weren’t motivated on this one. And with this total lack of interest the film might fall out of the top ten next week.

Insidious fell off a lot (as to be expected), so it seems unlikely that it was cross the hundred million dollar mark, but it’s still a huge win. The Family will likely be redeemed by international numbers, but it’s domestic will be mediocre. Instructions not Included is a phenomenon. It’s hard to know if its success can be repeated, but with these numbers, Hollywood is likely to try.

As for the rest, the Oz reissue feels like a stunt, and it’s not like Warner Brothers hasn’t already turned a profit and then some on their ownership of the title. Riddick will cross $40 Million domestic, but that’s about it. International is currently running at similar numbers, so Riddick the character may be done again. We’re the Miller is still showing a really strong performance, so it’s weird that the film isn’t being talked up more as an audience favorite. — at this point it is inarguably. Planes could make it to $90 Million, which is way more than seemed likely when it opened to $22 Million.

Reality Check: I went low on Prisoners, and high on Battle of the Year. In this case, I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of the former, and that may have factored in to it, while I had no idea that audience would pretty much reject the dance movie.

What did you watch this weekend?