hunger games catching fire katniss

We’ve got to hand it to Lionsgate—they know how to market a movie directly to a film’s fanbase.  In addition to their #TickTock countdown contest to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s release (of which ScreenCrave is a part—go here to win tickets to the film’s Los Angeles premiere!), they’ve now allowed the fans themselves to debut promotional art and advertising for the film.

Usually, when a studio releases promotional material for a film, that material is sent to the obvious places: trades, magazines, and websites like this one.  Sometimes, more creative promos will involve viral marketing.  But Lionsgate have been going the extra mile with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by involving the fanbase.  Case in point: the most recent billboard poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was given its official debut by a fan of the series.

The newest bit of Catching Fire art comes courtesy of Tori Dripple, “the top fan on Hunger Games Explorer, an official website that tracks social media interaction concerning the film,” according to /Film.  Dripple was allowed to unveil the newest promo art to fans, and here it is:

catching fire billboard

What do you think of Lionsgates promotion of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?