Let’s categorize this under random news that we didn’t expect to see pop up on a Friday. Jerry Bruckheimer, the world famous producer who’s put together blockbuster franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, is not-so-quietly letting it’s contract with Disney expire at the end of the year. But what was the cause of this? They’ve been working together for years. Some folks have their suspicions but maybe it’s just time for both of them to move on and make different films.

At the same time a lot of people, including myself, think that monstrosities like The Lone Ranger have something to do with this contract expiring without any chance of negotiating a new one. As expected, Bruckheimer and Disney are denying that The Lone Ranger had anything to do with this, but I don’t entirely believe that. They claim that Bruckheimer’s company wants to move forward with more mature films. For years they’ve been making mostly kid-friendly fare, and maybe they’re just tired of dealing with that. It’s understandable that they would want to go and branch themselves out, take on heavier topics.

So then what’s going to happen with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? The fifth installment of the incredibly stretched out series was a joint project between Disney and Bruckheimer. He will still be on to produce the movie, though I not-so-secretly hope that they either scrap it or make a far better film that captures the spark that the first one contains.

Would you like to see another Pirates of the Caribbean movie from these two? Why or why not?

Source: Collider