breaking bad

First off—jeez, last week’s episode of Breaking Bad, right?!?  If that wasn’t the finest, most dramatically and narratively satisfying episode in the entirety of Breaking Bad’s triumphant run (putting it in the running for one of the finest hours of television, well, ever), we don’t know what is.  The only downside to the episode (aside from some of its brutally soul-crushing revelations)?  The fact that it had to end after 46 minutes.

And seeing as how this is Breaking Bad’s final season, so too must the show end, with only two episodes left.  However, it looks like those two shows will pack a little extra punch, as series co-executive producer and writer Peter Gould took to Twitter today to announce that the final two episodes of the series, “Granite State” and “Felina,” would each run a super-sized 75 minutes with commercials.

Keep in mind, that extended running time includes commercials, meaning that the expanded content for each episode will amount to about 15 minutes each.  But still, that’s 15 extra minutes per episode of a series that has precious few minutes left.

Breaking Bad’s penultimate episode, “Granite State,” airs this Sunday night on AMC.  The final episode, “Felina,” will air on Sunday, September 29th.

What do you think of the Breaking Bad news?

Source: Collider