Filmmaker Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow is a film that almost no one outside of the festival circuit was expected to see.  The disturbing black and white film, which tells the story of a family’s experience at Disney World on the last day of their vacation (oh, and we should mention, the father of said family begins to go insane and sees horrifying and surreal visions), was actually filmed guerrilla-style at Disney World and Epcot.

Some context: Disney is ferociously protective of their intellectual property, meaning that it’s extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to procure a permit to film at a Disney theme park.  Knowing this, Moore simply side-stepped the problem…by not telling Disney of his project, and filming at Disney World with handheld digital cameras (took look like tourists), keeping the scripts on crew iPhones, and even editing the film in South Korea.

The film then hit the festival circuit, where attendees were naturally curious about the rogue film.  However, most assumed the film would never get a wide release, as an army of Disney lawyers would strike it down.

Not so, however—according to THR, Disney will not impede the film’s October 11 release, as they believe any such attempt to suppress the film will only aid in providing it with more media attention.  Disney’s solution?  To simply ignore the film and hope it dies a quick death.

What do you think of the Escape from Tomorrow news?