Those of you who are familiar with Robert Rodriguez‘s films know the kind of outrageous action that we’ll be receiving when Machete Kills rolls into theaters soon. The trailer and pictures only gave us the tiniest glimpse into the madness that’s happening within the sequel, but the latest red band trailer will show you own ridiculous everything is in the world of Machete.

In some ways I really do envy actor Danny Trejo‘s entertainment career so far. He’s gone from a complete nobody to one of the most badass Mexican men to ever make his way onto the big screen. He’s acted alongside so many cool talented people and now here he is, starring in his own series of films where he gets to hack up people and kiss some beautiful but deadly women. I do have to say that sounds like a pretty sweet gig right there.

From the footage that we see below, it appears as if we’re going to get some interesting performances out of both Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson in the cheesy but good department. I am afraid that they may be showing off a little too much of the good footage in this red band trailer but they have to sell the movie, so of course a couple cool, funny and bloody scenes seep their way into this trailer. Check it out below and let us know what you think about it.

Are you excited to see Machete Kills?

Source: IGN