World War ZAs we head into the Fall, we’re seeing a number of horror movies get released, because it’s the season. World War Z is out this week, as two art films from the summer that got a lot of attention.


  • Arrow: The Complete First Season, Bates Motel: Season One, Grimm: Season Two: This weeks TV selections are genre favorites. Arrow got good word in its first season, while I’m quite fond of Grimm, possibly because it’s shot in my hometown. The stories are good, but I also get to say “hey, I know that place” every couple of minutes.
  • Behind the Candelabra: Steven Soderbergh’s latest/possibly last “film” covers very familiar territory in how is shows someone sucked into the world of a rich and famous person, only to know that the relationship can’t last. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon give great performances in this Liberace bio-pic that’s so good it seems almost criminal it didn’t get a theatrical release.
  • The Bling Ring: For whatever reason, it seems that Spring Breakers got all the heat that perhaps should have gone to this Sofia Coppola movie that did okay, but didn’t seem to pop through into pop culture like Breakers did. Emma Watson co-stars in the film, which portrays a group of teenage thieves who steal from the famous, and by doing so eventually become famous themselves.
  • The East: This film about eco-terrorism is from Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, and though it didn’t get as much attention as their previous film Another Earth, perhaps it will find a new life on home video.
  • World War Z: This Brad Pitt-starring movie was one of the bigger question marks of the summer, and in a shocking turn of events, was actually a hit. It became the biggest zombie movie of all time, and may yet inspire a sequel, which is surprising considering how the film went through seven weeks of very public reshoots.


  • Autumn Sonata, Slacker: The latest from Criterion offers an Ingmar Bergman classic, and the film that is one of the touchstones of the last twenty years of Indie cinema.
  • Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Tremors Attack Pack: For those who didn’t buy the big horror box set, you can now get a number of those films by themselves. Also, all of the Tremors.
  • Day of the Dead: The latest from Scream factory is this George Romero classic, just in time for Halloween, with a decidedly better transfer than the previous edition.
  • A Letter to Three Wives: The Joseph L. Mankiewicz classic is hitting Blu-ray because, well, it’s a good movie.
  • Two Men in Manhattan: Jean-Pierre Melville is one of the most influential filmmakers who only over the last couple of years has entered the pantheon of greats. This film is not among his best films, but that it’s being released at all is a pleasant surprise.

What are you picking up this week?