There’s a great deal of you who are fans of the hit CW show Arrow, which is taking advantage of it’s popularity with an upcoming spinoff show on The Flash. Those behind the show have everything pretty much set up except for one key component: who is going to play Barry Allen? We don’t have to wait anymore because they’ve found the incredibly fast man in the form of Glee star Grant Gustin.

Now some of you may be asking who is Grant Gustin and what makes him so incredibly special and worthy enough to play The Flash? Well he has to have some decent acting chops not only to land a role in what easily is one of the biggest Fox television shows within the past 5 years but The Flash to boot. The search for our Barry Allen has been a long one with rumors of different television actors in contention for the lead role. Since the quest to find the right man to take on the lead role is done, it’s time to move onto the story.

It’s been said that The Flash TV show will kick off in a small 3 episode story arc during a season of Arrow and then speed off into it’s own show as we find out the origins of Barry Allen. Even though the CW does focus on rather silly and teen-centric dramatic shows, those folks sure know what they’re doing when it comes to handling comic book properties for TV, and this is DC Comics characters we’re talking about here. Any property of theirs outside from Batman or Superman has a hard time gaining life on the big screen, but on television it’s a different story. Maybe they should be the ones in charge of really boosting up some of the other DC characters for a new generation. Keep it up CW!

Will you see the new television show when it comes on the air?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter