Rose Byrne, Insidious Chapter 2

This weekend Insidious Chapter 2 opened to over $40 Million, which meant by Monday morning not only was the film profitable but it was all but assured that there would be a new chapter. So it’s no surprise that today the third film is a go, with screenwriter Leigh Whannell attached to pen the new sequel.

James Wan helmed both previous Insidious chapters, but he’s moved on to bigger and better things as he’s currently directing Fast and Furious 7. Surely he’ll be attached as a producer. It’s likely the leads Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne will return because of money.

And money is the big thing here as the first film was done for $1.5 Million, and ended up making nearly a hundred million at the box office worldwide, while this latest chapter was supposedly done for $4.5 Million, and is on track to make well over that $100 Million mark worldwide. In fact, the film could conceivably cross the nine digit mark domestically, but as horror films have a propensity to open big and then quickly fade at the box office, it’s possible the film could stall out around $80 Million. Regardless, it’s a huge return on the investment.

As horror films sequels are generally done fast and cheap, it’s likely we could see the next chapter sometime in the fall of 2014.

Did you watch Insidious Chapter 2 this weekend?