bieber robin

Over the weekend, the internet nearly broke itself in two with the retching, mouth-frothing, and general freaking out that came with the rumor that pop sensation and reportedly all-around terrible human being Justin Bieber was going to be cast as Robin in Batman Vs. Superman.  It was terrible news for two reasons: Robin is just not a character that would translate well to live-action, and casting Bieber as Robin in a Zack Snyder Batman film might actually be the exact combination of events required to kick-start the apocalypse.

How did such a horror of a rumor begin?  Well, from the Beebs himself: Bieber poster a picture on Instagram of himself, holding a Batman Vs. Superman script with a watermark specifying it was for Justin Bieber’s eyes only.  With the pic, Bieber simply wrote “#robin?”, because, again, he is a terrible, terrible human being who fills the vast emptiness inside himself with a desperate need for cultural attention.

Because, as it turns out, the script is a decoy and Bieber’s pic was rather misleading—Bieber is apparently filming a Funny or Die sketch which involves the fake Batman Vs. Superman script that he’s holding in the picture.  So rest easy, Internet, ok?  It’s going to be alright.

What do you think of the Robin quasi-news?

Source: /Film