There are good openings and then there’s Insidious Chapter 2, which was made for under ten million, and turned a profit by the end of Friday. That’s amazing. It’s also James Wan‘s second horror film of the year, and though The Conjuring should outgross it, he could conceivably have two horror films that cross the hundred million dollar mark this year.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Insidious Chapter 2 $41,050,000 $13,463 $41,050,000
2 The Family $14,500,000 $4,691 $14,500,000
3 Riddick $7,013,000 (-63.1) $2,250 $31,280,000
4 Lee Daniels’ The Butler $5,582,000 (-33.6) $1,723 $100,041,000
5 We’re the Millers $5,415,000 (-29.6)
$1,672 $131,602,000
6 Instructions Not Included $4,250,000 (-47.8) $4,555 $26,581,000
7 Planes $3,066,000 (-25.6) $1,119 $82,984,000
8 One Direction: This is Us $2,400,000 (-40.7) $1,043 $26,887,000
9 Elysium $2,050,000 (-34.7) $1,192 $88,388,000
10 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $1,825,000 (-24.8) $1,114 $62,035,000


Insidious 2 made half its money Friday (the 13th), so it’s possible that the film will fall 70-80% next weekend, and that it won’t be a word of mouth hit like The Conjuring. That said it will easily make more than $70 Million at this point, and could make it to $100 Million if it doesn’t totally collapse. The problem is that most horror movies just go limp after opening weekend.

The Family also performed a little better than expected. It won’t stick around very long and those numbers aren’t great, but the film should make around $40-$50 domestic, and is likely to do much better overseas. Riddick bit it, so it’s going to make around $45 Million domestic, depending on how long it can hang out in theaters. International should make it profitable, but Universal’s not going to be in any rush to make more.

This weekend The Butler crossed the hundred million dollar mark, as did (out of the top ten) This is the End. We’re the Millers is still chugging along, as is Instructions Not Included, which is going to end up near or over $40 Million. Considering the investment, that’s still a big deal. After that, it’s mostly films that are still in theaters because there’s not as much new stuff, and with only two wide releases next weekend, it’s likely Elysium might still be in the top ten then.

Reality Check: I went super low on the new releases, though I don’t think anyone was expecting $40 Million out of Insidious. Oh well, off week.

What did you watch this weekend?