If you believed that Lars Von Trier‘s latest romp would clock in for around two hours and be over with, you were wrong. It appears as if they shot well over a couple hours’ worth of footage for Nymphomaniac and are looking to show most of it in the film’s final cut. Now the real question is whether or not even the most devoted cinephiles will be able to sit down for that long to check out the latest from the imaginative filmmaker.

The final cut of Nymphomaniac is set to be around five hours long. That’s right, we’ll be getting around five full hours of Joe’s (Charlotte Gainsbourg) life from her early years and her crazy amount of sexual exploits up until the point to where she’s found beaten in an alley. In a way the length of the movie makes sense. Even though the character is fictitious, we are see a woman recount her life from when she was a kid up until the present, which is a particularly long length of time. There’s always a number of pivotal events in our own lives that we have explored, maybe rediscovered as they pop out into our memory years later.

For this tale to be clocking in for as long as it will is plausible, but is it really necessary? Von Trier is rather known for taking his precious time getting us entangled with the characters of his own movies, but this is more than anybody was expecting. To top it off, it appears as if they may be stretching this out into a possible television series. Is that really necessary? Who knows.

Would you sit down for all five hours of Nymphomaniac?

Source: The AV Club