Regardless if the movie is good or not, Homefront is a fascinating combination of things. You wouldn’t normally expect Jason Statham to be squaring up against James Franco, nor would you expect that film to be written by but not featuring in any way Sylvester Stallone. Is that enough to bring in audiences? Who’s to say, but the film definitely has our attention with this new trailer.

And here we see that Statham is a cop (or ex-cop), a possible widower, and definitely a single father. He moves to a small southern town to raise his daughter, but when his kid protects herself, it starts a chain of events that brings Franco into Statham’s life. Franco plays the town’s meth kingpin, and he doesn’t truck with police officers. The film also stars Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth. Here’s that trailer:

This looks like a mix of Deliverance and Commando, and that’s not a terrible thing. As long as Franco is credible as the bad guy — and it looks like he can do this part — the film could be fun. In fact, the bigger question mark is the director Gary Fleder, who’s best known for such films as Runaway Jury, Kiss the Girls and Don’t Say a Word. Or that is to say, not particularly memorable studio films. Hopefully he ups his game for this. Homefront opens November 27.

Do you think James Franco makes a credible opponent for Jason Statham?