The Family

Yeah, we’re in September, where the stakes are much much lower for the movies released, and often the titles that come out may not be remembered in the years, months or weeks to come. This week brings Insidious 2 and The Family, with the former the second film from director James Wan in as many months.

As a horror movie, it’s likely that Insidious 2 will dominate the weekend. It should open strong on Friday, and that will be its biggest day. And by next week it will fall the standard 60-70%. As it was tossed off, it’s unlikely to have much traction. Wan is coming off The Conjuring, which was a legitimate sleeper hit, and is moving on to Fast and Furious 7, which is one of the biggest franchises out there these days. It’s evident this film was a contractual obligation because the first film made over $50 Million on a less than two million dollar budget. Wan has also said this is his last horror movie. We’ll see if that holds.

The Family stars Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, and was directed by the once beloved Luc Besson. And it should die right quick. This seems like something that could do better internationally, as it seems packaged for foreign audiences, but the film never sold itself aggressively, and we’ve all seen De Niro sleep through roles enough to know that it’s more likely he’s on auto-pilot here than giving a return-to-form performance.

There’s also Riddick, which is going to try to hold strong in the face of new movies. Depending on the weekend, it could come in fourth place behind Lee Daniels’ The Butler. The Butler should cross the $100 Million dollar mark by Sunday, which means even if it doesn’t get Oscar attention, it’s definitely profitable by this point.

As for this weekend, let’s do some numbering:

  1. Insidious 2 – $21 Million
  2. The Family – $9.7 Million
  3. Riddick – $9.5 Million
  4. Lee Daniels’ The Butler – $6.5 Million
  5. We’re the Millers – $6 Million

We could see Instructions Not Included in the top five, but it may have peaked. We shall see.

What are you going to watch this weekend?