We tend to hate on Hollywood studios because of the movie projects they choose to fund (Transformers 4, anyone?). So much of typical Hollywood product tends to be huge, expensive spectacles with little-to-no story, heavy special effects and poor acting. So, we at ScreenCrave have decided to help jump behind the indie film. Below you’ll find some of the best indie trailers of the week, plus unknown projects featured on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that need your help to get made. Check out this week’s picks below.

  • ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW: Writer/director Randy Moore shot his film, Escape From Tomorrow, inside the infamous Disney World, without their approval. He worked with a small crew and tiny cameras, and just hoped no one would notice that he was making a feature film that would later premiere at Sundance. No one did take notice. The controversial film focuses on a  husband and father who finds out he lost his job on the eve of taking his family to Disney World. There he’s met with some paranoid delusions, including thoughts that his son is trying to murder him. Escape From Tomorrow hits theaters October 11.

  • WOLF: Jim Taihuttu‘s Wolf is a gritty, character driven crime thriller that follows a talented kick boxer from a gray, anonymous suburb in The Netherlands. His fighting style soon increases his notoriety in-and outside the ring, and eventually he’s introduced to the world of organized crime, thus losing sight of what he really wants. The LA-based production company XYZ Films recently picked up the world sales rights to the black-and-white thriller; they plan to sell the rights at TIFF. There’s no world on when the pic will hit theaters, but it’ll have its world premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

  • PLUSH: Catherine Hardwicke is playing with romantic triangles again in her latest film Plush. In it, Emily Browning plays a rock star who, despite being married, becomes involved with her new guitarist, who she soon discovers has a dark past and may be a danger to her and those close to her. The film hits theaters September 13, followed by a VOD release on October 15.

Indie Fundraiser Pick of the Week:

  • I WAS A TEENAGE GIRL, APPARENTLY: Lyn Elliot and Nina Frenkel‘s I Was A Teenage Girl, Apparently is a short animated movie about a woman who finds her twenty-year-old diary, and goes back in time to talk some sense into her teenage self. As you know, animation can be incredible painstaking and expensive. While Frenkel is both production designer and lead animator on the film, the two need help from other animators to make this project a reality. If you would like to help them, check out their campaign video for I Was A Teenage Girl, Apparently on Kickstarter.

Those are the projects we have for you this week. Be sure to check back every week for our Best Indie Film Trailers of the Week–helping you stay informed about indie cinema.

Which of these projects interests you? Which are you looking forward to? Got one we missed?