Ellen Page would very much like Joss Whedon to make a standalone Kitty Pryde movie sometime in the future. The actress, who recently reprised her X-Men role for the upcoming movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past, expressed her interest in further portraying the female mutant on film.

Page first appeared as the character in Brett Ratner‘s X-Men: The Last Stand; seven years later, she’s back in Bryan Singer‘s Days Of Future Past (which is set to hit theaters next May). Page, who’s currently making the promotional rounds for Lynn Shelton‘s Touchy Feely, talked to Vulture about Joss Whedon and the slight chance there might be for him to make a Kitty Pryde film.

“Well, I’m available! [Laughs.] I love that. Kitty Pryde’s awesome. I’m super grateful to be the actress who’s gotten to be her, and you only desperately hope that the true fans who have a right to demand what they want and who have been passionate about these stories for a really long time, that you can pull it off for them. I would be so thrilled to play Kitty Pryde again. I really would.”

Whedon has been very open about his admiration for the character, but so far he’s had no luck with making a solo movie about her. In 2009, he mentioned that 20th Century Fox wasn’t interesting in making a solo movie featuring the superhero. But that was before The Avengers. If Whedon still wants a Kitty Pryde movie, he can definitly make it happen ’cause like who’s going to say no to him? (So hang in there Ellen Page!)

But Whedon isn’t the only director who’s wanted to make a Kitty Pryde movie. Apparently executives were interested in getting Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody to reunite, with Page, for such a project, but it never got off the ground. It looks like there’s more demand for this kind of film than we originally thought. Maybe audience really do want a heroine to be the lead character in a superhero film after all. What do you think?

Are you a fan of Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde? Would you like to see a Kitty Pryde-spinoff film?

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