The tiny town of Chester’s Mill has evolved quite a lot on Under The Dome. Big Jim and his unintentional side kick Linda are no longer concerned with strange fires or angry mobs. Now, they’re more interested in invading private property, taking everyone’s guns and hunting down innocent men like Barbie. These are the kinds of things that make good, entertaining TV. That’s exactly what “Exigent Circumstances” was – solid entertainment.

The Players:

  • Director: Peter Leto
  • Writers: Adam Stein, Caitlin Parrish
  • Cast: Mike Vogel, Aisha Hinds, Dean Norris, Colin Ford, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch and Nicholas Strong

Episode Title: “Exigent Circumstances”

While the manhunt for Barbie continues, Big Jim gets the residents riled up and the town demands justice for all of Barbie’s supposed crimes. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie must find a new hiding place for the mini-dome. Angie helps Barbie rescue Julia from Big Jim’s evil and watchful eye.

The Good:

  • The Real Villain: It’s no secret that Big Jim is the villain of the show. But until now, his “evilness” has been somewhat debatable. Though the people he killed didn’t deserve to die, they weren’t exactly innocent. All of the conniving he did was mainly to protect his fellow citizens. His wickedness took a turn when he killed Dodee, who was annoying but an upright citizen. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She overheard the outside military say that Big Jim killed the reverend, which immediately put her on Jim’s kill list since he doesn’t like leaving any loose ends. In Dodee’s final scene, Big Jim revealed that he didn’t want the dome to come down, thus establishing his desire to rule over Chester’s Mill. 
  • Rescue Mission: Barbie and Angie work together to rescue Julia from Big Jim’s vigilant eye. Angie uses her powers of female seduction to fool Junior (who’s watching Julia) into thinking she needs him. Eventually he catches her bluff, but Barbie, Angela and Julia still manage to escape. Though the show hasn’t explored Barbie and Julia’s relationship at all, we feel like there’s a lot of potential there. There’s definitely some good chemistry between the characters, plus they’re both likable. 

Best Lines:

  • “They’re going to smile when you die.” –Dodee

The So-So:

  • Barbie’s Defense (Or Lack Thereof): One of the biggest problems the show has is that no one talks to each other. Barbie hasn’t done anything to defend his innocence. Before Big Jim blamed him for all of his crimes, Barbie and Linda had a pretty trusting relationship. If he gave it some effort, he could easily sway Linda to see things clearly, especially seeing as how gullible she is. (Seriously, this girl will believe anything.) But the writers refuse to have the characters engage in meaningful conversations, and that’s what keeps the show from really thriving. 
  • The Military: Apparently the outside military can see everything everyone is doing inside the dome. They know that Jim killed all of those people, and that the teens are hiding the egg. The question is, how do they know all of this? 
  • Mini-Dome: Speaking of the mini-dome, not a whole lot happened with it this week. The teens had to move it because Big Jim and Linda ordered those illegal house searches, and they’re trying their best to protect it from anyone that crazy or dumb. Near the end of the episode, the mini-dome did start shrieking, but that’s where we left off. The monarch has yet to be crowned.


Even though the show is in need of some serious dialogue, every episode has been better than the last. In “Exigent Circumstance” we finally saw Big Jim for what he really is. This was the penultimate episode and overall, it did a great job setting up the finale.

Rating: 8/10

Under The Dome airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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