This little bit of rumor-centric news shouldn’t come off as surprising to anybody. Benedict Cumberbatch, a man who’s received international fame for a variety of his roles including the latest film Star Trek Into Darkness, now has to address a countless number of questions asking the same thing: will he play a character in J.J. Abrams‘ Star Wars: Episode 7?

Thankfully the answer to that question is a firm but polite no from the actor. This past weekend he appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival showing off his latest film The Fifth Estate, but naturally the fanboy/fangirl rumor questions began leaking out. This is what the actor said in response to said questions (found on The Telegraph):

Of course I’d love to do Star Wars and work with JJ Abrams again because we had such a good time on Star Trek. But nobody has been cast and there are no offers out to anyone apart from the regulars who are returning. So that’s that rumour quashed…We’ll have to wait and see.

Can you imagine how incredibly sick and tired he must have felt this past weekend getting prodded by random journalists about the slight chance appearing in Episode 7? Sure he’s hot stuff right now, and it would make sense if he was suddenly cast in some random role, but the chances of that actually happening are low. At the same time I wouldn’t really mind it if Cumberbatch wasn’t in Episode 7, only because we’re finally edging towards season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock and that makes me happy.

Would you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars: Episode 7?

Source: Slashfilm