The long-overdue sequel to Dumb and Dumber has possibly, just possibly, started filming already. Jim Carrey tweeted a photo of himself in character as Lloyd Christmas, thus suggesting that what Jeff Daniels told Jimmy Fallon on his late night show in July was true. Check out the photo below.

In the photo, Carrey shows off his real chipped tooth. The actor got the chip through an accident years before the original Dumb And Dumber, and normally wears a cap to cover it up, but for the film he used the flawed tooth to his advantage. And it looks like middle-aged Lloyd Christmas is still embracing the chipped tooth look. Here’s Carrey’s tweet:

In the sequel, Harry and Lloyd will be middle-aged. Daniels has mentioned that the characters are “still that stupid.” The film will follow them as they try to track down one of their children. Also Kathleen Turner is retuning to play the part of Fraida Felcher (the “babe who worked for the tractor company”).

Dumb And Dumber To has been through a lot, from getting dropped by Warner Bros. to temporarily having one of its main stars (Carrey) deny his involvement. But it looks like it’s finally moving forward, and people seem to be excited.

Are you excited?  Are you excited for Dumb And Dumber To?

[via /Film]