The fall season is here which means all of the fun movies of the summer are no more, or so you think. Director Robert Rodriguez is taking advantage of the drama-filled season by throwing some mindless action into the mix with Machete Kills. If you’ve seen the first movie than you realize how incredibly ridiculous this exploitation flick is and more than likely love it as much as I do.

Machete Kills has a cast that’s an equal combination of cool and weird, which makes viewers like myself all the more interested to watch it. You have some of the usual suspects like Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas then a couple of oddballs like Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen and the super talented Demian Bichir. But that’s not what fans are the most excited to see out of this movie. No, we’re anxious to see what kind of crazy action Machete (Trejo) will get himself into in order to protect millions of people. From what we’ve seen in the trailer we’re already dealing with a woman who uses a machine gun bra and a woman who’s a man in disguise or something like that. We’re not entirely sure what’s going on there but I’m sure it will be some-what explained when the movie comes out in theaters.

Be sure to check out Machete Kills in theaters on October 11th, now check out these pictures below.

Will you see Machete Kills when it comes out in theaters next month?

Source: Coming Soon! / ComicBookMovie