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One of the better elements of the so-so X-Men: First Class (hey, I know a lot of people like the movie, but it’s only great when compared to the dismal X-Men: The Last Stand) was Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as the conflicted Mystique, a blue and scaled mutant who can change her appearance to resemble anyone she pleases.  And, by the end of the film, she switches allegiances—leaving the young Charles Xavier’s formative X-Men and joining Magneto’s far more dangerous and extreme Brotherhood of Mutants.

And recently, Lawrence spoke out, in an interview with SciFiNow, about Mystique, who frequently appears naked and scale-y when not wearing her period-appropriate clothing:

“I’m naked, but when I do get to wear clothes, love the ’70s outfits. Some of the Mystique look is a little different, but we’re still using the same paint. But she’s different in this film too.”

Further, Lawrence discussed the evolution (no pun intended) of Mystique’s character and motivations between the 1960s-set X-Men: First Class and the upcoming ‘70s-set X-Men: Days of Future Past:

“She was struggling – like a lot of normal humans – with the way she looked, and she was covered up a lot in the first movie, but this time she is Mutant and proud.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past is directed by Bryan Singer, and is set for a May 23, 2014 release date.

What do you think of the Mystique news?

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