Terminator: Salvation

In the sweepstakes of 2015′s big movies, the rebooted Terminator 5 is — shockingly — one of the lesser players, but if it’s good the film could resurrect the franchise. Word has just leaked that the producers are talking to Thor: The Dark World‘s current helmer Alan Taylor to guide the film.

This comes from Variety, who says the director is “in talks,” which could (of course) evaporate. They also mention that Ang Lee, Rian Johnson and Denis Villeneuve (whose Prisoners is currently the talk of the festival circuit) were all considered, but no deals could be made. What’s interesting about this is that there was word early on that Taylor had been removed from the editing room of Thor 2, but perhaps that was just a bunch of pre-release bull, even though the studio hasn’t put the director front and center.

But maybe that’s because he’s not ready yet. Taylor was coming off of the first two seasons Game of Thrones before being scooped up to helm Thor 2. He was mostly a TV guy after his 1995 film debut Palookaville, doing many episodes of Bored to Death, The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Homicide. Perhaps he upped his game for his first big movie, or perhaps the Terminator people want someone who won’t overwhelm the material. Regardless, Terminator 5 is aiming for a June 26, 2015 release date, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is supposedly involved.

Do you think Terminator 5 could be one of 2015′s bigger movies?