Whew—it’s time to relax, folks, as our long national nightmare is over: we finally know the official title for the fourth Transformers film.  Heretofore, we’ve be forced to simply refer to the film as Transformers 4 and, geez, how terrible is that?  But now, we can finally refer to it by an official title.   Finally, there may be rest.

The next film in the Michael Bay-directed franchise about ancient robot trucks from space that punch each other has been officially titled Transformers: Age of Extinction.  So there you have it, gang:  Transformers: Age of Extinction, starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Michael Bay.

But that’s not all—we now even have a teaser poster:

transformers age of extinction

Look, you guys, it’s sand!  Sand on the logo!

And, given some rumors that leaked earlier this year, coupled with the fact that the poster features the Transformers logo in a way that it appears to be excavated in the desert (like a dinosaur fossil), plus the fact that the film has been named Age of Extinction, many are now assuming that the film will feature Dinobots.  And what do the Dinobots do?  Well, they transform into robot dinosaurs instead of trucks, and then they, too, punch each other real hard.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is set for a June 27, 2014 release date.

What do you think of the news?

Source:  Cinema Blend