Eastbound and Down

When we last left Kenny Powers (as played by Danny McBride) he had faked his own death to get back together with the love of his life. How does one continue that story without having Kenny on the lam, or in jail? We’ll find out when Season 4 of Eastbound and Down premieres later this month, but for now here’s the first trailer for the final season.

Though we put our faith in the creative team behind the show — which includes Jody Hill, David Gordon Green and McBride — and are excited there’s new roles for Lindsay Lohan and Ken Marino and that the majority of the previous cast are returning (as evinced by this footage), we’re still a little hesitant about where they could possibly go. Here’s that trailer:

The problem is that Hill and crew have often said they planned this as a trilogy, and this looks to get Kenny back into some of his old hijinks. How that works now that he’s quit sports (and if they bring him back to do more pitching, oy) makes us uneasy. And let’s face it, though the follow up seasons had their great moments, the first season was brilliant while the latter seasons were variations on similar jokes to diminishing returns. That said, we’ll give Eastbound and Down Season 4 a shot when it premieres September 29, that’s for sure.

Are you excited about the return of Kenny Powers?