The stupid amount of rumors may be the worst part about covering big movies like Batman vs. Superman (or now possibly being called Man of Steel 2). For every fact we get a flurry of ridiculous rumors that spread around like wildfire. So when you read a title that suggests that our tortured Dark Knight may be cuddling up to a cozy new girlfriend in the upcoming film, it’s difficult to take most of this news seriously (even the Ben Affleck stuff).

The good folks at Latino Review report that there’s currently an open casting call for a fit tall woman in her late 20s. What will she be doing? Who knows, but the small blot of detail in the supposed casting call right there makes many fans, including myself, jump to conclusions that they may be looking for Wonder Woman. Then again, that’s a really silly thought to have. There’s no room for Wonder Woman when they’re trying to start up this long-lasting friendship between these two big time superheroes. She deserves her own movie anyways, but will we end up getting that is another question in itself.

Other suggestions for Bruce Wayne’s possible love interest could be reporter Vicki Vale, which I doubt because we’ve already got an ace journalist character in the story already with Lois Lane. Selina Kyle/Catwoman could be a possibility. If they’re picking up some-what after the events of The Dark Knight trilogy then it would make sense since she did hook up with Bruce at the end. If they wanted to make the script a little more interesting, they could take notes from the Batman and Superman animated series of the 90s and try to pair up Lois Lane with Bruce Wayne. Sure this Lois knows the identity of Clark Kent, but there is the incredibly dashing Bruce Wayne within reach.

Which of Bruce Wayne’s love interests would you want to see in Batman vs. Superman?

Source: Cinema Blend