When you’re referring to modern filmmakers out there, Joel and Ethan Coen are the best directors out there. They’ve consistently churned out one amazing movie after another, with Inside Llewyn Davis being their latest contribution to the film world. What are they planning to film next? Well let’s give you a hint: it has to do with a particular kind of singer.

We’re still a couple of months away from the release of the latest Coen brother’s movie but they’re already looking ahead to the future. It’s been reported that they aim to make a movie about an opera singer. If you’ve been following the Coen brothers’ work for awhile then you know this doesn’t sound completely out of the ordinary. Actually, this is getting fans like myself very excited. This is a snippet of what Joel Coen said about their latest project on The Playlist:

You always hesitate to mention these things when you are in the middle of them, because sometimes they just go in a drawer and never surface again and then people ask ‘what ever happened to that thing’ for the next 20 years. We are writing something right now where the main character is an opera singer.

The Coen brothers know how to handle their music in films, which is made evident from the fantastic movie O Brother, Where Art Thouand what we assume we’ll see on December 20th with Inside Llewyn Davis.

Will you see the Coen brothers’ latest movie when it’s out in theaters?

Source: Slashfilm