Low Winter Sun finally stepped it up a notch with Sunday night’s episode. “Catacombs” took us to dark places as Detective Agnew continued his search for his Romanian girlfriend Katia. We were also introduced to some family drama; Detective Geddes’ shoplifting teen daughter got herself arrested thus making life for her father even more stressful. Seriously, we’re starting to feel sorry for the poor guy, and that’s a good thing.

The Players:

  • Director: Rosemary Rodriguez
  • Writer: Brett C. Leonard
  • Cast: Mark Strong, Lennie James, James Ransone, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Sprague Grayden, Athena Karkanis

Episode Title: “Catacombs”

Frank plunges into a dark new world in search of Katia. Geddes deals with family issues. Tension rises in the blind pig.

The Good:

  • Frank Softens Up: Finally, Detective Agnew shows a softer side. His desperate search for Katia takes him to the Catacombs, a dingy, underground whorehouse (or warehouse) where anything goes. Though he doesn’t find his Katia there, he does encounters a foreign girl similar to her, with the same name. He puts his guard down and in an emotional scene, allows the prostitute to ease his pain. Agnew also runs into an old friend, a former cop named Sean (Trevor Long), who’s now a homeless alcoholic. Agnew’s attitude towards Sean is polite and attentive, something very different from the way he treats his real colleges. Frank is slowly opening up and showing different layers; and Mark Strong does an excellent job carrying out all of this.
  • The Family Man: Geddes also shows new layers when his troubled daughter and ex-wife show up at his work office. (His daughter got arrested for shoplifting a bag of chips and Magnum condoms.) Before, we didn’t really care if Geddes got caught for killing McCann, but now we see that he’s actually got something to lose, the game changes. He’s becoming a sympathetic character, like Frank.

Best Lines:

  • “See that asshole? Home of the automobile and no one has a clue.” –Geddes

The Bad:

  • The Blind Pig: The Greek finally shows us at The Blind Pig. He confronts Damon for not paying taxes, but then gets told that the “house of sin and pleasure” isn’t part of his terrain (a.k.a. Greektown). During their little violent chat, Damon also brings up his father, calling him all sorts of names, which upsets the Greek. He slaps Damon around a bit, and then leaves. We’re not exactly sure what the deal is between Damon and the Greek, but both are seemingly flat characters. We’re more interested in knowing the drama that goes on inside The Blind Pig (with all the underage hookers and junkies) than this old family drama.


Overall, “Catacombs” was a vast improvement from the first three episodes that aired. Both Detective Agnew and Detective Geddes showed a softer, more human side, which was a nice change from all the rage and anger we were getting at first.

Rating: 6.5/10

Low Winter Sun airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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