benedict cumberbatch

It might have been safe to call 2013 the year of Benedict Cumberbatch. Not only does the in-demand Sherlock star have meaty roles in the upcoming The Fifth Estate and the next Hobbit movie, but he was Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. And though fans may have turned on that movie, they didn’t turn on Cumberbatch. But if the rumors are true, Cumberbatch’s 2015 could be better than his 2013, as he’s rumored to star in Star Wars: Episode 7.

For the most part, the casting of Episode 7 has been shrouded in mystery, with many names mentioned, but though it’s possible everyone mentioned has taken a meeting, nothing sounds all that firm. There’s two things that make this rumor (which originated at Film Chronicles) seem plausible: One is that he and J.J. Abrams have worked together before, and the other is that Cumberbatch just dropped out of Guillermo del Toro‘s next film Crimson Peak. No reason was given at the time, but if he was in contention for a part in Star Wars, one could imagine why he might jump horses.

Right now this is all rumor, and we don’t know for sure if he’s playing hero or villain. We wouldn’t be surprised if he plays the bad guy again, as he does seem to be the modern Basil Rathbone. Star Wars: Episode 7 is likely due out mid-December 2015.

Should Cumberbatch play a Sith lord or a son of Skywalker?