chris pratt guardians of the galaxy

As the August 1, 2014 release of Guardians of the Galaxy is still just under a year away, those involved in the project can expect to be greedily pumped for information on the oddball superhero film every day between now and the movie’s release date.  Case in point:  Christ Pratt (a.k.a. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord) who, while being interviewed about the newest season of Parks and Recreation, couldn’t avoid some Guardians of the Galaxy questions.

First off: the film’s tone.  Pratt summed it up as “the greatest movie of the 21st century! That’s what I’ll say. It’ll be the Citizen Kane of movies other than Citizen Kane.”  He then, on a more serious note, added:

“I think tone is the major thing we have to accomplish, a consistent tone, going from silly and comedic to high-stakes drama and action, and everything in between. It’s really up to James [Gunn], and I trust everything that he’s doing.”

And, of course, there was the inevitable question: how, exactly, does Guardians of the Galaxy link up with the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Pratt kept it relatively vague, as Marvel has likely set up a contract to kidnap his family if he leaks spoilers before the film’s release:

“Man, that would be really cool. What’s nice is that it is all the same universe. Because it falls under the Marvel umbrella, there is the possibility, just like in the comic books, that these stories could intersect…A lot of it’s just going to depend on what people think of the movie and if it makes sense for Marvel to keep making more of them. But I sure hope it does because I’ve never done anything like it. I hope they make ten of them.”

What do you think of the Guardians news?

Source:  Collider