One of the strangest career turnabouts in modern times belongs to Vin Diesel. After films like XXX and The Chronicles of Riddick, it seemed audiences weren’t as taken with the actor as was hoped, and that maybe The Fast and the Furious was a fluke. It turned out that audiences loved Diesel… in Fast and Furious movies. But the renewed success of that franchise allowed him to resurrect his Riddick character, and now there’s a third film in the series which is simply titled Riddick. And here’s a featurette on the making of it.

Though calling a featurette is generous, it should really be considered a trailer with talking heads. Mostly made up of footage from the movie, it does offer Diesel waxing on about how they always envisioned this as a trilogy, and that he can’t wait to reveal more about the character’s backstory and where he might be going. Check it out:

What’s interesting about this is that he’s playing an anti-hero, and those characters often work best (we’re thinking of The Driver, or Escape From New York or Fistful of Dollars, etc.) when we know very little about the character and where he’s from. It’s about someone who’s at the right place to deal with a messy situation, and deals with it, but maybe not in the way that’s expected. Ultimately, we expect this film to be more of a remake of Pitch Black than anything else. But we shall see when Riddick hits theaters September 6.

Are you into a third chapter in the Riddick saga?