Every once in awhile a rumor pops up that sounds a little too odd to be true, and this is one of them. Batman vs. Superman is gearing up towards production and with that comes a number of casting rumors. We’ve heard all the murmurs of Bryan Cranston possibly becoming our shiny-headed Lex Luthor, but what about Batman’s loyal butler Alfred? Rumor has it Timothy Dalton could be the famous character, though it wouldn’t exactly be a great fit.

Word on the street is that Timothy Dalton will be Alfred, but that’s a really strange casting choice for a number of reasons. We recognize Alfred to be a wise father figure to Bruce Wayne/Batman but rather feeble in appearance. If this rumor was a reality and Timothy Dalton were to be Alfred, at least physically he wouldn’t fit the part. He looks a little too intimidating and we could totally buy him as being an older Batman ala Frank Miller’s famous comic The Dark Knight Returns. Actually, can we just turn this movie into The Dark Knight Returns with Dalton as the older Batman? Pretty please? It would totally work.

Does anybody else feel a little bit bad for Henry Cavill right now? The guy has just rose in stardom but may not get too much recognition if too many A-list actors start filling up the supporting cast. Again this goes back to my argument that if this is a sequel to Man of Steel that they’re doing a disservice for Cavill who’s barely been etched into the minds of a new generation as our latest incarnation of Superman. But long story short, Dalton as Alfred? Dalton is a fantastic actor but as Alfred, he just doesn’t really fit.

Would you want to see Timothy Dalton play Alfred? Why or why not?

Source: Cosmic Book News