riddick imax poster

Riddick fans, today is your day.  Not only do you get to see two new clips from the upcoming film, in which Vin Diesel growls at things and then hits them real hard, all while remaining stoic and bald, but you have a chance at scoring a new IMAX-exclusive poster for the movie.  It’s like Christmas, except Santa Claus is now a lumpy guy who talks in a deep monotone.

First up, the poster—you can see it Alex Fuentes-drawn artwork above.  If you’d like a copy, you have to attend an 8 PM screening of Riddick on September 5th (check out the full list of participating theaters here).

And now, for the clips.  Want to see Vin Diesel expand his range by glowering at someone and talking in a husky monotone, with nary a single inflection to indicate humanity or emotion?  Check this out:

Or maybe seeing Riddick kick and hit people super hard until they die is more your speed.  If so, you’ll probably want to peruse this second video, courtesy of Coming Soon:

And if either of those did anything for you,  be sure to check out the David Twohy-directed film upon its official release on September 6.

What do you think of the new poster and clips?