Pre-release buzz is what it is. For every film that is supposedly doomed by it (like The Lone Ranger) there’s another that proves pre-release noise is just that (World War Z). So what’s going to happen with the long-delayed 47 Ronin? Who’s to say, but we bet it does substantially better internationally, and now there’s a new international trailer for the film.

This new trailer is impressionistic, and shows that Keanu Reeves is recruited, and then shows off the cast, who are probably bigger names to Japanese audiences than to American ones. It also shows off that there are lots of fantastical elements, which reminds us of last year’s The Man with the Iron Fists, but this definitely looks bigger and probably better.

The film became infamous when it was delayed from November 21, 2012, to then February 8, 2013 to now December 25. As we haven’t heard anything for a while, we’re guessing they’re going to keep that release date. Universal knows that they’ve got what looks like an injured bird of a film, so they’ve got a couple of options. One is to just let the film come out, basically dump it, and write it off. But they put a lot of effort into it, so what they may do is follow the World War Z path and send Reeves to a bunch of early screenings to build up the hype, or they could go full-court press and take on the bad buzz head on. We’ll see what happens come Christmas.

Does pre-release buzz steer you away from a film like this?