Walton Goggins

After two stellar supporting turns in Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln and Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, one might expect Walton Goggins, who was brilliant as the vicious but weak Shane Vendrell on The Shield and his charismatic but uncertain Boyd Crowder on the current show Justified, would want to make his way into cinema. But it looks like Goggins is comfortable on the small screen as he’s developing a new show for Fox called Gringo.

Currently he’s writing and executive producing the show with his fellow Shield alum Adam Fierro, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with the show to focus on — as THR notes — an “American cop who moves south of the border with his Mexican wife and ends up caught in the middle of the cartel wars.” Going by his previous work, we’re guessing  the main character isn’t exactly innocent in this involvement.

That said, it’s unknown if Goggins will play a role in the show. Walton Goggins has worked behind the camera before, as he won an Oscar for a short film he produced in 2001 (The Accountant), though he’s yet to direct anything (and considering that performers like Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Bryan Cranston, and Michael Chiklis all got behind the camera for their hit shows, it seems like that would be an option). And though he might be an in-demand character actor (he is one of the best working today), it seems unlikely a studio would want him for much more than playing a supervillain when it comes to a big tentpole release. Not that we’d mind Goggins as Lex Luthor, natch. But as FX has been a great home to Goggins, this sounds like a good fit, and we can’t wait to see Gringo when it hits the small screen.

What’s your favorite Walton Goggins performance?