During last night’s episode of Low Winter Sun, AMC aired a short sneak peek of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. In it, Michonne is seen struggling against two walkers while Carl bravely attempts to rescue her. Check it out below.

According to series creator Robert Kirkman, Carl’s evolution is going to be the main focus in season 4. In the clip we see the young boy try to save Michonne (the badass of the show) from getting killed by two vicious walkers. Carl has changed a lot since the series first started. The last time we saw him though, he was very upset at his father Rick for bringing a bus full of people into their “home.” Kirkman has mentioned that the upcoming season will have Rick try to manage his relationship with his son, but whether he’ll be able to, we’ll have to see. Actor Norman Reedus, who plays fan-favorite Daryl, also weighed in on Carl, saying that he thinks the character is going to get a lot darker. Here’s the clip:

Kirkman has also mentioned that The Governor is still in the mix (for those of you that might be dissatisfied with how things ended last time). However, Season 4 will not be about Rick versus the Governor anymore; he’ll be used in very different ways.

We’ll admit that Season 3 was a bit of a let down, but all signs point to an exciting and promising fourth season. The series returns Sunday October 13th.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new season of The Walking Dead?

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