Matt Damon Bourne

Universal has made no secret that they want a fifth Bourne movie, even after the not so stellar returns from The Bourne Legacy. The key has always been getting Matt Damon to return, and Damon’s said the only way he’d come back is if Paul Greengrass does as well. Well, that may just happen.

Twitch Film is reporting that Damon in in negotiations to return for a fifth film, contingent upon Greengrass returning as well. After the third film, this is an interesting turn of events, as all parties described the making of The Bourne Ultimatum as nightmarish, partly because they had no finished script. But that didn’t matter, as the film turned out well and made over $440 Million worldwide.

But the franchise has always had trouble. The first film, The Bourne Identity, went though some last minute tinkering due to the events of September 11, and the studio wasn’t sure that the film would work, partly because Damon’s star was on the wane. But the film was a modest success, sold a lot of DVDs, and inspired two direct sequels and the spin-off/whatever that is The Bourne Legacy.

It could be that Damon hasn’t had a hit in a while. He’s had some successes, like Contagion and True Grit, but his more recent films like Promised Land and Elysium haven’t delivered what was expected. Damon may need to have this franchise to fall back on, but hopefully his fourth go-around won’t be his Diamonds are Forever.

Do you want Damon back as Jason Bourne?