Breaking Bad Season Five

For weeks, months, even years, fans of Breaking Bad have been waiting on the edge of their respective couches to finally discover how the one of the most creatively satisfying television series in recent memory would finally end.  Will Walter White, chemistry teacher turned cancer victim turned meth kingpin, finally be brought to justice, or will he remain victorious against his various antagonists.  Will (insert your favorite primary character here) be killed?  Will another character become bald before the series finale?  Will more annoying “Walt Jr. likes breakfast!” jokes be generated?

Well, brace yourselves, Breaking Bad fans, as Dean Norris (who stars as White’s brother-in-law, DEA hotshot Hank Schrader), has revealed how the beloved and nerve-wracking series will end…

…but not really, of course.  Rather, Schrader recently teamed up with Funny or Die to craft a Hank-centric final episode for Breaking Bad entitled “Hank Wins,” which will lead to a spin-off show called Mineral Man, in which Hank will team up with a talking skateboard, have lots of promiscuous sex, and develop a full head of lion’s mane hair thanks to superpowered minerals he ingests.  Yup.

Want to know how the show really ends?  Watch the series finale on September 29th on AMC.

What did you think of the Hank-centric ending?

Source: /Film