Well, Lee Daniels’ The Butler is definitely now going to be in the Oscar race. It’s been the number one picture for two weeks and could top the box office next weekend. Whether that’s just a courtesy best picture nomination, or if it becomes a front rummer is yet to be determined, but it’s definitely in the mix.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Lee Daniels’ The Butler $17,018,000 (-30.9) $5,472 $52,275,000
2 We’re the Millers $13,500,000 (-24.9) $3,919 $91,740,000
3 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones $9,300,000 $2,983 $14,051,000
4 The World’s End $8,942,000 $5,773 $8,942,000
5 Planes $8,567,000 (-36.0)
$2,536 $59,591,000
6 Elysium $7,100,000 (-48.1) $2,437 $69,054,000
7 You’re Next $7,050,000 $2,893 $7,050,000
8 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $5,200,000 (-40.6) $1,905 $48,346,000
9 Blue Jasmine $4,300,000 (+87.7) $3,352 $14,799,000
10 Kick-Ass 2 $4,270,000 (-68.0) $1,450 $22,423,000

This would have to be an amazing year in cinema for Lee Daniels to be ignored for The Butler. With a thirty percent drop, the film could make it to around $100 Million, maybe a little more. It could also start flagging, and there’s no way it will do the business of The Help, but it’s in a good place.

We’re The Millers is going to make $100 Million, but seemingly very quietly. Next weekend it should cross the hundred million dollar mark, and it’s going to be a huge moneymaker for Warner Brothers/New Line. Don’t be surprised if they pursue a sequel. City of Bones is DOA. They will keep making YA films, but it seems the studios know when they’ve made a POS. This appears to be one as few like it, and audiences don’t really care.

The World’s End had the biggest opening of the Cornetto trilogy and is on its way to being Edgar Wright‘s most successful film stateside. All it has to do is make over $32 Million. It can do it. Planes keeps hanging in there. A hundred seems out of reach, but those aren’t bad numbers. Where You’re Next is a cheap horror film, so those aren’t the world’s biggest numbers, the film will turn a profit if Lionsgate didn’t overpay for it. It was a good slot, but perhaps someone like Ethan Hawke helps

Elysium is an eh, Blue Jasmine is doing great as a smaller film, and no one really likes Kick Ass 2. Such is life.

Reality Check: I thought You’re Next would do big numbers because of the other big openings of horror movies this summer, I was wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?